18 December: Holiday Edition of STLab

Come to our special Holiday Meeting! We will have food and LSA dry-runs galore. Come here Randi Moore, Katharine Donelson, Yen-Ting Lin, and Juergen Bohnemeyer.


11 December: LSA teaser from Randi Moore and Kate Donelson

Come to the last lab of the semester this week and hear Randi Moore and Katharine Donelson give us a teaser of their modeling from the MesoSpace 1b Talking Animals and New Animals data. Randi and Kate will be presenting at the Linguistic Society of America Meeting in January in a special Symposium: Language, culture, and cognition in spatial reference on Sunday, January 10 at 9:00.

23 April: Dry-runs: Matthew Dryer and Lea Brown, Randi Moore

This week we’ll hear two dry-run talks. First will be Matthew Dryer and Lea Brown, giving us a dry-run of their talk “Semantic factors governing the order of object and verb in Walman, a language of Papua New Guinea.” The abstract can be found here.

Then, we’ll hear from Randi Moore (again!) as she gives us a dry-run of her talk for WAIL: the Workshop on American Indigenous Languages. Randi’s talk is entitled “Spatial reference frame use in Isthmus Zapotec: a qualitative analysis of strategy variation,” and her abstract can be found here.


16 April: Dry-runs: Symposium on American Indian Languages (Juergen, Randi)

This week we’ll hear dry-runs of talks by Juergen Bohnemeyer and Randi Moore. The talks are for the Symposium on American Indian Languages (SAIL), to be held in Rochester Friday, April 17th.

Abstracts for both talks can be found online. Juergen’s abstract for his talk “Elicitation with verbal and nonverbal stimuli in language documentation” can be found here.

The abstract for Randi’s talk, “Documenting landscape use in spatial reference in Diidxa za (Isthmus Zapotec),” can be found here.