18 December: Holiday Edition of STLab

Come to our special Holiday Meeting! We will have food and LSA dry-runs galore. Come here Randi Moore, Katharine Donelson, Yen-Ting Lin, and Juergen Bohnemeyer.


December 3: Yen-Ting Lin’s LSA talk and Anastasia Stepanova on Posture Verbs in Russian

This week we’ll be meeting at 2:00 in Baldy 617 to hear two presentations.

Yen-Ting Lin will give a preliminary run of her upcoming talk at the LSA conference in January, entitled “Evidence of Language Contact: Data from SOURCE Prepositional Phrases in Taiwanese Southern Min.” You can find an abstract of the paper here.

Anastasia Stepanova will also give a presentation of her QP research on posture verbs in Russian:

The basic locative construction (Levinson et al., quoted from Fortis 2010) is the construction that occurs in response to a question of the kind ‘where is the X’? Languages differ in their verbal strategies of expressing locative predication. While many languages use verbless locative constructions or copulas, perhaps half of the world’s languages, according to Ameka & Levinson (2007), use an alternate set of verbs. To express locative predication Russian extensively uses posture verbs sit, stand and lie as in The plate is standing on the table. My goal is to figure and describe the factors governing the choice of one posture verb over another.