7 March: Kate Donelson data talk

This week we’ll hear from Kate. She’ll be discussing her findings from her dissertation research. Come find out about how people tell others to solve mazes, and how to arrange dolls.


11 December: LSA teaser from Randi Moore and Kate Donelson

Come to the last lab of the semester this week and hear Randi Moore and Katharine Donelson give us a teaser of their modeling from the MesoSpace 1b Talking Animals and New Animals data. Randi and Kate will be presenting at the Linguistic Society of America Meeting in January in a special Symposium: Language, culture, and cognition in spatial reference on Sunday, January 10 at 9:00.

October 29: GLMM part II, take II

We’ll be in 603 Baldy again, meeting at 2:00.

We got a little carried away with our discussion of Wolff et al last week, and we never got to GLMM part II — so this week is GLMM part II take II. We’ll take an in-depth look at the types of data students are collecting, and try to identify where you can get numbers for analysis.

If you have data you’d like to be considered, feel free to email Kate or Juergen. We also have a discussion board set up on UBLearns (Blackboard) where you can ask stats-related questions.

You may want to look at R before lab, or peruse some discussion on the software at Stackexchange.

October 15: Generalized Linear Mixed Models

This week, Juergen and Kate will lead lab. This meeting will focus on using Generalized Linear Mixed-effects Models (GLMM). GLMM model the relationship between a dependent variable and the explanatory variables.  We will discuss how to implement these models using a variety of data sets from the lab.

There are two readings for this lab: Johnson (2008) chapters 5 and 7.

If you need access to Blackboard and / or the readings, email Randi Moore.

September 10: Katharina Pabst & Kate Donelson – Field reports

Today we will have two field reports of work done this summer.

Katharina Pabst will talk about her field trip to Sri Lanka. She will advise of her experiences and time in the field.

Katharine Donelson will be discussing her recent trip to Chiapas, Mexico. She will provide an overview of the project and preliminary impressions of the data, plus issues associated with the work.