This is the blog for the Semantic Typology lab, run by Dr. Juergen Bohnemeyer and graduate students in the Linguistics Department at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York.

For more information on Semantic Typology at the University at Buffalo: http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~jb77/SemanticTypology.html

The Semantic Typology Lab serves as an incubator for research ideas from faculty and students. Current topics of discussion include projects on eye-tracking studies of motion events, meronymy in Yucatec and Zapotec, the role of linguistic vs. environmental and cultural factors in spatial cognition, and continued research on spatial language and cognition beyond Mesoamerica.

The lab welcomes everyone who is interested in Semantic Typology! If you’d like to receive our listserv emails (which consist of weekly lab announcements and occasional semantic quandaries), contact Erika (ebelling at buffalo.edu). The lab uses UBlearns to share documents with its members. If you have a UB username and would like access to the UBlearns page, please also contact Erika.

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