30 September: William Schnaithman Field Report, CAL discourse coding

This week, in the usual 3.30pm Friday slot, the two topics for ST-Lab will be:
1) William’s field report “Cross-linguistic analysis of fictive motion language use: Spanish and English”
2) Our discourse coding system for CAL,+ brainstorming possible strategies for quantifying this data. If you’ve collected CAL discourse data, and you’ve made any particular observations about it already, and/or if you have any of it transcribed, it would be great if you could bring it along!
Below is some information about William’s research, and a link (+ password) to access his study materials)
* Specific metaphors are often used to describe or talk about situations involving perceived motion. For example: Route 66 ran from Chicago to Los Angeles, California. The use of the word “ran” is metaphoric. In other words, the road does not move.
* The purpose of this study is to explore how English and Spanish use metaphors of this kind.
* In what ways do speakers use metaphoric motion words when they talk about non-motion events? And, how does this type of language usage compare within the structures of Spanish and English?
Also, here is a link to my study materials.
(Note: a password is needed to access this blog. The password is: Bob’syouruncle

7 September: Causality Across Languages Day

Wednesday at 4p

Causality Across Languages Day! Come join us for a thrilling lab including:

1. A field report from Saima about her research on Urdu over the summer
2. First CAL L&C experiment: results from José Antonio (Spanish) & Juergen (Yucatec),
3. Likert scales: outcome of skimming articles Juergen found and potential ramifications for CAL protocol
4. Lit review update from Stephanie on recall memory and semantic role processing