22 February: La Ventosa brainstorming

On Monday from 3-4 we will meet in Baldy 603 to brainstorm on a problem that has arisen in association with Randi Moore’s dissertation work. Without any spoilers, it has to do with the wind, Zapotec, and cardinal directions. Come join us for a MesoSpace puzzle!


Spring 2016 Labinar Schedule

This semester we have another Labinar situation, where an extended Lab/Seminar meets twice weekly, Monday and Friday from 2-3:20 in Baldy 617. There will be extended meetings to deal with Lab business starting immediately after the Labinar ends, at 3:20. Those dates and topics will be announced.

In the meantime, meetings for MesoSpace and the CAL project have splintered off! MesoSpace meets Mondays from 12-1:30 in Baldy 617, and CAL meets Friday from 11-12:20 in Baldy 617.

Check back for announcements on special topics and meetings!