6 November: Wilson de Lima Silva

 Wilson de Lima Silva will discuss his forthcoming paper written with Scott AnderBois: “Fieldwork Game Play: Masterminding Evidentiality in Desano”
I will discuss a methodology for collecting naturalisticly occurring data on evidentials and epistemic modals, using Desano (Eastern Tukanoan) as a case study. The methodology consists of having Desano speakers play a logic game: Mastermind. In this game one player (codemaker) places colored pegs behind a screen and the other player (codebreaker) tries to guess the code, receiving partial feedback/clues from the codemaker after each intermediate guess. There are several benefits in using this method. It provides naturalistic dialogue between multiple speakers, rather than just monologue; utterances naturally vary as to whether speakers in the scenario have access/interest in the kind of evidence itself as opposed to just the fact of the matter; finally, an important point is that speakers find the task enjoyable.

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