30 October: Dan Fox and Saima Hafeez present their working QPs

Join us this week for two presentations on working QPs from third year students. We’ll hear from Dan Fox on Grammar Induction, and from Saima Hafeez on causality in Urdu.


22 October: Chapters from Language Structure and Environment

This Friday in ST Lab, Randi and Jose will present chapters from the recently published book: Language Structure and Environment : Social, cultural, and natural factors (2015) edited by De Busser & LaPolla.
Randi Moore will present chapter 8:
“Topography in language: Absolute Frame of Reference and the Topographic Correspondence Hypothesis” by Bill Palmer
José Antonio Sánchez will present chapter 6:
“Societies of intimates and linguistic complexity” by Peter Trudgill
Both readings are available as PDFs on UB Learns under Course Documents.


16 October: CILLA dry run

This Friday we’ll hear Randi Moore, Katharine Donelson, and Juergen Bohnemeyer’s CILLA dry run for their presentation at UT Austin next week, entitled “El uso de marcos de referencia en maya y diidxaza: Factores internos y externos.” The presentation will be in English!