April 2: Readings Posted on UBLearns

This week Yen-Ting Lin will be leading discussion considering bilingualism and the history of left-right distinctions. Three relevant readings have been uploaded to the Semantic Typology UBLearns (Blackboard) site:

1.) Bohnemeyer in press

2.) Park and Ziegler 2014

3.) Pavlenko 2014

More information about the discussion forthcoming!


March 25: Professionalism Q & A

This week we’re going to have a professionalism Q & A. Come with any questions you have about becoming a professional linguist, and we’ll ask Juergen!

March 5: Data discussion

This week, lab will be devoted to strategies to deal with data. Using data from Holly Keily’s QP project, we’ll discuss what model(s) are appropriate and why. We’ll also go through setting up the model to run in R. If you’ve got a data set you don’t know how to deal with, we can talk about possible treatments in R and why they may or may not be appropriate.