February 26: No Lab! Upcoming Schedule

No Semantic Typology Lab today as Juergen has fled Buffalo for a warmer clime.

Here’s what we’ve got coming in the next few weeks:

March 5: Holly Keily will lead a workshop discussion on quantitative analysis built off ELAN data

March 12: Alice Mitchell will present a Field Report of her time in Tanzania, and Tim Tilbe will give a dry-run of his presentation to his Dissertation Committee

March 19: No lab, Spring Break

March 26: Juergen will present on Language Evolution and Game Theory

April 2: Yen-Ting Lin will present on Bilingualism and a History of Left/Right terms in China

You can also check out our new Schedule of Topics page to see what we’ve got planned.


February 19: Dorothea Hoffmann

This week we’re back to our normal schedule, Thursday at 4:30 in 617 Baldy, and we have a guest presentation!

Dorothea Hoffmann will present “Frames of Reference in Three Australian Languages.” She is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Chicago. She works on Australian languages and linguistics, focusing on Jaminjung, Kriol, and MalakMalak.

February 13: Speed Dating

Special date and time! We’ll meet at 2:00 this Friday, February 13th in Baldy 603 as we welcome our prospective students into the lab.

We’re going to have STLab members give brief “elevator-pitch” introductions of themselves and their interests / work. Come feel the love!

February 5: Randi Moore Field Report

This week (Thursday, 5 February at 4:30, in Baldy 617) we have Randi Moore presenting a field report on her recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. Below is a summary of her presentation:

I’ ll present a field report of how my recent field trip in Oaxaca, Mexico went, as I collected data for my dissertation. My presentation will start at 5 (I teach until then), but arrive at 4:30 for a discussion with Juergen about creating institutions for semantic typologists.