Schedule Update!

Originally, Generalized Linear Mixed Models were to be discussed this week. However, that has been moved to Wednesday, October 15. Instead, we will hear Juergen Bohnemeyer discuss his new project: Causality Across Languages.

The remaining meetings are scheduled as follows:

10/1   [2-3:30] Introduction to CAL: Juergen Bohnemeyer

10/8   [3:30-5] Workshop on data coding: Holly (Williams) Keily

10/15  [3:30-5] Generalized Linear Mixed Models: Kate Donelson

10/22  [3:30-5] Causality paper: Sang-Hee Park

10/29  [2-3:30] Kinship day: Katharina Pabst

11/5    [3:30-5] Posture verbs in Russian: Anastasia Stepanova

11/12  [3:30-5] – to be determined –

11/19  [3:30-5] – to be determined –

12/3   [2-3:30] Dry run for LSA presentation: Yen-Ting Lin


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