Updated Lab Schedule

A working version of ST Lab schedule and weekly topics for the rest of the semester:

9/24   [3:30-5] Field Report: Randi (Tucker) Moore

10/1   [2-3:30] Generalized Linear Mixed Models: Kate Donelson

10/8   [2-3:30] Workshop on data coding: Holly (Williams) Keily

10/15  [3:30-5] Introduction to CAL: Juergen Bohnemeyer

10/22  [3:30-5] Causality paper: Sang-Hee Park

10/29  [2-3:30] Kinship day: Katharina Pabst

11/5    [3:30-5] Posture verbs in Russian: Anastasia Stepanova

11/12  [3:30-5] – to be determined –

11/19  [3:30-5] – to be determined –

12/3   [2-3:30] Dry run for LSA presentation: Yen-Ting Lin



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