This week: Experiments in Cultural Language Evolution

This week (February 28) we’ll discuss  Luc Steels’ Experiments in Cultural Language Evolution. Lab members have volunteered to lead discussion on some selected chapters (see below):

“Self-organization and selection in cultural language evolution”, Luc Steels, 1 – 37. (Juergen Bohnemeyer)

Part I. Emergence of perceptually grounded vocabularies
“The Grounded Naming Game”, Luc Steels and Martin Loetzsch, 41 – 59. (Katharine Donelson & Alice Mitchell).
“Language strategies for color”, Joris Bleys, 61 – 85. (Holly Williams & Katharina Pabst)
“Emergent mirror systems for body language”, Luc Steels and Michael Spranger, 87 – 109.
“The co-evolution of basic spatial terms and categories”, Michael Spranger, 111 – 141. (Randi Tucker)
“Multi-dimensional meanings in lexicon formation”, Pieter Wellens and Martin Loetzsch, 143 – 166.

Part II. Emergence of grammatical systems
“The evolution of case systems for marking event structure”, Remi Van Trijp, 169 – 205. (Thomas St. Pierre)
“Emergent functional grammar for space”, Michael Spranger and Luc Steels, 207 – 232.
“The emergence of internal agreement systems”, Katrien Beuls, Luc Steels and Sebastian Höfer, 233 – 256.
“A language strategy for aspect: Encoding Aktionsarten through morphology”, Kateryna Gerasymova, Michael Spranger and Katrien Beuls, 257 – 276. (Daniel Fox)
“The emergence of quantifiers”, Simon Pauw and Joseph Hilferty, 277 – 304. (Tim Tilbe)


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