Spring 2013 topics and preliminary schedule

Below are a list of potential topics to be covered in lab this semester (along with potential presenters).
  • Linguistic and non-linguistic determinants of reference frame use (MesoSpace researchers)
  • Methods in data archiving (Kate)
  • Other developing MesoSpace analyses: influences of bilingualism, convergence, statistical analyses, experimental design (Kate)
  • Meronymy: English (Tim), Nilotic languages (Alice)
  • Ethnophysiography & environmental factors (Randi)
  • Cut & Break data (Xia Lu)
  • Event structure of metaphor & domain mapping (Su Wang)
  • The Classics: Jerome Bruner & Concept learning (possibly Dr. David Zubin)
  • Evidentiality & cognition (possibly Dr. Wilson Silva)
  • Yucatec phonology and phonation typology (Karl)

Our schedule for the next month or so is as follows:

Feb 1: CANCELLED (Socio Candidate Student Lunch)
Feb 8: Dry Run for International Conference on Mesoamerican Linguistics (Dr. Gabriela Pérez Báez)
Feb 15: CANCELLED (Juergen away at BLS)
Feb 22: Open house for prospective students – Introduction to ST & Juergen’s ST book (Randi and Juergen)
Mar 1: Methods in data archiving and statistical analysis (Kate)
Please think about what day you’d like to present or discuss a given topic. Remaining days are: Mar 8, 22, 29, Apr 5, 19, 26.

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