Spring 2013 topics and preliminary schedule

Below are a list of potential topics to be covered in lab this semester (along with potential presenters).
  • Linguistic and non-linguistic determinants of reference frame use (MesoSpace researchers)
  • Methods in data archiving (Kate)
  • Other developing MesoSpace analyses: influences of bilingualism, convergence, statistical analyses, experimental design (Kate)
  • Meronymy: English (Tim), Nilotic languages (Alice)
  • Ethnophysiography & environmental factors (Randi)
  • Cut & Break data (Xia Lu)
  • Event structure of metaphor & domain mapping (Su Wang)
  • The Classics: Jerome Bruner & Concept learning (possibly Dr. David Zubin)
  • Evidentiality & cognition (possibly Dr. Wilson Silva)
  • Yucatec phonology and phonation typology (Karl)

Our schedule for the next month or so is as follows:

Feb 1: CANCELLED (Socio Candidate Student Lunch)
Feb 8: Dry Run for International Conference on Mesoamerican Linguistics (Dr. Gabriela Pérez Báez)
Feb 15: CANCELLED (Juergen away at BLS)
Feb 22: Open house for prospective students – Introduction to ST & Juergen’s ST book (Randi and Juergen)
Mar 1: Methods in data archiving and statistical analysis (Kate)
Please think about what day you’d like to present or discuss a given topic. Remaining days are: Mar 8, 22, 29, Apr 5, 19, 26.

Open House: Friday January 14

Our first meeting of the year will be our open house. Anyone interested in Semantic Typology is welcome to attend. We’ll introduce you to the study of Semantic Typology, some of the topics we’ve covered in lab in the past, and an outlook of topics for the semester. In the spirit of welcoming, some yummy edibles will be provided (type to be determined).

In the meantime, if you have topics you’d like to see presented in the lab, or that you would like to present yourself, please let Randi know! We already have some exciting topics on statistical modeling, as well as a dry-run of our presentation for the International Conference on Mesoamerican Linguistics, which will be done by UB alumna Dr. Gabriela Pérez Báez.

See you all there!