14 February: Teenage Space Robots in Love

Special time! 12:30-2:00

Join us this week for a discussion of space and robots! We will be talking about readings from Spranger 2016: The evolution of grounded spatial language, available on our UBLearns site.

Juergen will present Chapter 10, Kate will present Chapter 11, and Stephanie will present Chapter 13.

Don’t have access to our UBLearns site? Email us!

16 December: Stats extravaganza

We’ll meet on Friday the 16th from 2:00-3:20 for a day of statistics!

Topics include:
* A first look at CAL ST Phase 3 data patterns (Erika)
* Isthmus data modelling overdrive (Randi)
* MesoSpace regression models tutorial (Jürgen, Kate)

19 October: Tim Tilbe and Juergen Bohnemeyer

This week we are back to a double-header! First, Tim will present a synopsis of the framework Croft & Cruse (2004) introduce for talking about meronymy and mereology.

Second, Juergen will present an exploration of pragmatic principles underlying academic prose. The idea is that the practices and constraints of the genre (PCG) can be “deduced” according to the formula PCG(academic prose) = Gricean Maxims + X, and the goal is to determine the most minimal statement of X that does the job. (50 minutes)

12 October: Holly Keily on gesture and embodiment

This week, Holly will present one or more papers by Hostetter & Alibali 2008 and 2010, on an embodiment perspective in gesture production and the implications for her dissertation research. If you have time to look over one of the papers, check out 2008: it defines the Gesture as Simulated Action (GSA) theory, which is tested experimentally in the 2010 paper.